People call it sunflower because it has  characteristics of the sun . Bright yellow petals always toward the sun  and pick the most brilliant sunshine. Bright yellow color brings  us  joyful and cheerful feeling , and the warmth of the sun.  Vase of sunflowers helps your room become sunny and  full of energy to start a working day . A bouquet of sunflowers brings a faithful love, a warm heart. So let’s give to dear friend the bouquet  of brilliant sunflower to express your feelings.

You also can make these beautiful sunflowers from crepe paper. It will look like the natural one!!

Some basic steps below will help you how to make paper flowers – paper sunflowers – how to make paper flowers (sunflowers)


  • crepe paper ( yellow, brown, black, green)
  • PAVc.glue
  • zinc
  • copper wire ( or clew)
  • floral tape
  • scissors, pincers

instruction to make paper flowers:

Steps 1: make pistils

Cut two pieces of crepe paper with size 5 * 60 cm, one piece  is  black color and one is brown

paper flowers

Folded a black piece of  paper  about 1cm ,use scissors to trim  the folded line as the picture shown , and do the same with brown piece

paper flowers

Cut the trimmed black piece into 2 pieces

use a stick of zinc to make branch, bend one tip of zinc to ensure that zinc and the pistil will be stuck together


Apply glue at the bottom of the black piece  where is not trimmed, wrapped  it around the zinc at the bended tip

paper flowers


apply Glue on a piece of brown paper was trimmed ,put the rest black piece on the brown  (as shown in the picture)

paper flowers

stick this piece  outside the black pistil  (remember that  this pistil will be  higher  0.5cm  than   wrapped black  pistil)

paper flowers

we have a pistil of flower ( you can use copper wire or clew to tie pistil)

paper flowers

Step 2: make petals

How to make crepe paper flowers

Cut Bright yellow paper into pieces of rectangles with size 1 * 8 cm, (it is usually about 26 petals)

Doubling the piece and cut it curved as the boat shape

how to make paper flowers

Using fingers to twist gently the tip of petals and then stretch the petals until you feel it full enough

Gently twist the bottom of petals

how to make paper flowers

Step 3: compound the petals

Apply the glue and paste petal on pistil one by one (13 inner petals ),

paper flowers

and then paste 13 others alternately with the inner

how to make paper flowers

step 4: make calyx

Cut piece of green paper with size 1 * 8 cm, do the same with cutting petals,

how to make paper flowers

stick 8 pieces around the bottom of the petals ,then continuing with  8 others, and then do the same with next 3rd grade

how to make paper flowers

maybe use paper to wrap the branch so that it becomes more chubby

Use floral tape to wrap from under the calyx until the spot to where leaves will be attached

how to make paper flowers

step 5: make leaves – how to make paper flowers

Cut green crepe paper into rectangle with size 7*15cm, then cut to diagonal line of rectangle!!

Stack two piece and cut into curved shape ( form serrated leaves- leaves of sunflowers)

how to make paper flowers


Apple glue on the line of leaf and put copper wire on it, then put the other on that( the copper wire will help the leaf smooth)

paper flowers

Continuing with other leaves

Cover leaves and branch with floral tape

paper flowers

you can do it as the picture shown

now we have the beautiful paper sunflower! make more flowers and put in the vase or make a bouquet!! let enjoy it!!

how to make paper flowers

good luck to you!! – how to make paper flowers sunflowers



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