How to make paper flowers ! carnation flower

With these materials easy to find, you can make out the beautiful flowers. The finished product ( paper flowers) can be used  to decorate your room, your home instead of the real flowers  ! These below steps will help you make a carnation vase by yourself:

paper flowers



–  crepe paper

– Scissors, pincers

-green floral tape , copper wire ( or clew), zinc

-PVAc. glue (or  candles glue , glue gun), watercolor


Step 1: how to make petal

How to make  paper flowers (

Firstly, cut crepe paper into 2 pieces

The small piece used as the inner petals is about 10cm long, 5 cm wide

Use scissors to cut  piece of paper form the petals as the picture

Use your fingers to stretch each side so that the arc slightly curved wings !!

Then use scissors  to lop the tip of petals as picture

how to make paper flowers


For the outer petals, it is about 55-60cm long, 6cm wide

Use scissors cutting piece of paper vertically to make  petals, then lop the tip of petals  as the same as the inter petals

paper flowers


Now using watercolor  mixed with water apply on the tip of petals

paper flowers

This is the inner petals

paper flowers

This is the outer petals

paper flowers

Step 2: reassemble petals on branches

Bendding one side of zinc to ensure that petals and zinc will be fixed

Daubing PVAc. Glue on petals as the picture, then wrap the inner petals carefully, make the same with the outer petals, continue until you finish gathering the entire of the crepe paper

paper flowers

paper flowers

Use copper wire or clew to tie below calyx

paper flowers

Step3: make calyx

The shape of calyx is the same as picture


Then apply PVAc.glue around place with the fixed copper wire, wrap calyx on flower, then use floral tape to fix with branch

paper flowers

Step 4: make leaf

Cut leaves with the shape as in picture, use scissors to curve leaves

paper flowers

Step 5: reassemble the leaves on the branch

Use floral tape wound leaves on the branch

Make several flowers to create a bouquet

how to make paper flowers

Paper flowers : good luck to you!









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