“daisy” is a small lovely flowers which grow in wild mountains. That is the reason why it is called wildflowers. small white petals surround a bright yellow or green pistil! Daisy flowers express a rustic and casual love but full of warmth. White petals look fragile but strong and patient. it overcomes storms and try to grow in wild fields and wait for the eternal love.
The small girls will also love daisy. Therefore we  sit around and make daisy flowers together. These flower from paper will be belong to you forever!

Daisyflower.vn- how to make paper flowers – daisy


– Crepe paper ( white, yellow or green)
– Zinc
– Copper wire or thread
– Scissors, pincers
– PVAc.glue
– Floral tape
Steps to make paper flowers

Step1: make pistil

Cut green crepe paper into rectangle with size 4*17cm ( the size depend on how large you want your flower to be), then fold it about 1 cm.

Use scissors to trim it fringe at the folded line as the picture shown

paper flowers
use a zinc bar to make branch and bend a tip of zinc to make sure that it will be sticky with pistil
Apply glue on the bottom of pistil and wrap it around the bended zinc until the end of the paper.
Use copper wire to tie pistil

paper flowers
We have the pistil as picture

paper flowers

Step 2: make petals

Cut white crepe paper into 14 small rectangles with size 1*6cm, then make it petal shape
Bend petals slightly to make it natural

how to make paper flowers

Step 3: assemble petals – how to make paper flowers 

Apply glue on the bottom of petals, arrange your petals so that you have 1 row inner and 1 row outer( remember that petals are layed alternately )

how to make paper flowers

how to make paper flowers

Step 4: make calyx

Cut green crepe paper with size 5*7cm, then trim it fringe
Apply glue on the bottom of blooms, stick calyx and wrap with floral tape

how to make paper flowers

Step 5: make leaves

Use green crepe paper to make leaves. Cut paper into rectangles and make it into leaf shape . the shape doesn’t need to be exact.
Once you are done cutting the retangles, you need to cut them out the petal shape as the picture shown.
Use floral tape to wrap leaves on the branch
Remember to stretch the floral tape slightly so it is sticky

how to make paper flowers
Now we have a beautiful flower. let make some flowers and put them in vase or make a bouquet. enjoy it!

how to make paper flowers

daisy hope you success with this flower- daisy flowers!

come to web daisyflower.vn and learn how to make paper flowers 


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