Almost people want to themselves  make out beautiful paper flowers to decorate their desk,  small home or give to their friends and relatives as gifts. However it dosen’t  mean that all can do easily. Here are some basic steps that can help you make a  5 petals flower from crepe paper. It is not only cute but also look so real ! the girls and boys let help you to do step by step! it is not so difficult!  @@

paper flowers

How to make paper flowers (



-White, green, yellow crepe paper  (you can choose colors you like)

-PVAc. Glue , gluestick


-copper wire, (or clew to tie)

– floral tape

– scissors

The basic steps to make paper flowers – 5 petals flower

Step 1: make pistil

Cut one piece of yellow crepe paper with  3cm  wide * 8 cm  long, then folded the piece of paper about 1 cm (you can see in the picture)

how to make paper flowers

Use a zinc bar to make branch,  bend the tip of zinc ( make like that to keep branch from slipping out of flowers)

paper flowers

Apply glue on the bottom of the pistil, then wrap pistil around the bended spot of zinc bar , do that until the end of the piece

how to make paper flowers

Now, we have the pistil

paper flowers

Step 2: make petals

Cut 5 pieces of white crepe paper with wide 1.5cm * 10cm long, use fingers to twist in the middle of piece (twist gently, keep paper from tear,paper flowers will not be pretty), then double twisted at the spot, stretching the petals and make it puffed up, then twist slightly below the petals

paper flowers

Step 3: compound petals

Apply  glue on each petals and then insert into the pistil one by one, after fitting  of 5 petals, use copper wire ( or clew) to tie and adjust petals symmetrically with pistil and branchpaper flowers


wrap the floral tape from spot tied copper wire to the spot leaf will be joined

paper flowers

Step 4: Make leaf

Cut 2 pieces of green crepe paper with 1.5cm wide and  * 17cm long, cut the piece of paper into long leaf shape , one flower with two leaves

paper flowers


Use floral tape to wrap two leaves around the branch

paper flowers

We completed the simple flower ( as the picture), you can do more different paper flowers with  other colors according to your hobby. Let  put these flowers in the bottle or vase, you can make a bouquet and then enjoy it!

paper flowers

Follow  and learn how to make paper flowers! Good luck to all!!@@


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