Many people love paper flowers because it is not only beautiful look like natural flowers but also  lasts longer. Just with some simple materials we can make flowers to decorate our room and house, we also use the finish product as a gift to our friends .There are many  ways to make gorgeous crepe paper rose and this is another example.

how to make paper flowers


  • Crepe paper ( red, green color)
  • Zinc, copper wire ( clew)
  • Glue ( hot glue gun)
  • Scissors,
  • Floral tape

How to make paper flowers – roses

Step 1: make petals

I chose red crepe paper to make petals

Usually, it is about 12-14 petals,

Cut crepe paper into three different in width and length, the inner petals will be shorter than the outer. When forming the petals, we can curve  the hem of petals to make it become smoother . then use scissors to curl the tip of petals

how to make paper flowers

Next, using your fingers stretch all petals ( make this lightly because paper will be teared)

paper flowers

Step 2: ressemble the petals on branch

Using zinc to make branch, bending tip of zinc to ensure it will be fixed with petals

Apply the glue on petals, then wrap smallest petal around zinc at bended tip of zinc

paper flowers

Continuing with the two other petals around center

the next step, use 3-4 petals, glue next 3-4 petals around  bubs! Make the same as the next 5-6 petals!! Adjust all petals gently!

paper flowers

Then using copper wire or clew to tie all petals together as the picture

paper flowers


Step 3: make calyx

Using scissors cut crepe paper into rectangle, trim it to form calyx as shown on the picture. Glue calyx below the bloom term

Using floral tape fix flower, calyx, branch together.

paper flowers

Step 4: make leaf (paper flowers)

Cut green crepe paper into rectangle, then cut to diagonal line of rectangle!!

Stack two piece and cut into curved shape ( form serrated leaves- leaves of rosea)

paper flowers

Apple glue on the line of leaf and put copper wire on it, then put the other on that( the copper wire will help the leaf smooth)

paper flowers


Continuing with other leaves.


Using floral tape fix 3 leaves together

paper flowers

Step 5: ressemble leaves on branch

Cover leaves and branch with floral tape

paper flowers

how to make paper flower

Finally, we have a beautiful flower

You can make some other paper flowers and put in glass or vase, you will have a vase of lovely flower to decorate your home!! Hope you success with my tutorial!!!

Paper flowers (








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